Elegante Leder-Handtaschen für Damen mit Stil

Karin Scholz - der Name steht seit 1984 für Damenhandtaschen aus Leder, die durch Eleganz und Exklusivität überzeugen. Die Leder-Handtaschen für Damen aus der kreativen Design-Handtaschen-Schmiede von Karin Scholz verbinden Tradition und Innovation. Sie legen Wert auf das besondere Etwas? Eine edle Handtasche aus dem Atelier Scholz ist das perfekte Accessoire für die modebewusste Frau mit Stil. Mit der Handtasche aus Leder im dichten und geschmackvollen Schwarz machen Sie zu jedem Anlass eine gute Figur.

Qualität und Erlesenheit haben natürlich ihren Preis. Edle Handtaschen sind keine Stangenware - doch eine teure Handtasche aus dem Leder japanischer Rinder bedeutet auch immer den feinen Unterschied. Erleben Sie die handgefertigte Leder-Kunst im Onlineshop und gönnen Sie sich ein Stück modische Individualität. Ob Business oder Freizeit, Karin Scholz bietet Ihnen eine große Auswahl an Design-Handtaschen und stattet Sie zu jedem Anlass mit der passenden Lederhandtasche in Schwarz aus.

Doch Karin Scholz entwirft nicht bloß Handtaschen - in ihrem Onlineshop finden Sie außerdem den zu den Damenhandtaschen passenden Lederschmuck und weitere Accessoires für Damen. Lassen Sie sich von anmutigen Halsketten und klassischen Leder-Etuis überzeugen und spüren Sie die Einzigartigkeit der Leder-Kunst. Karin Scholz ist allerdings noch mehr als eine Mode-Designerin. Die Künstlerin entwirft auch Möbelstücke, Sessel, Sofas, Bilderrahmen und Theaterkostüme. Besuchen Sie Karin Scholz doch in ihrem Atelier in Düsseldorf oder auf einem der Design-Events, an dem die Kunstschöpferin teilnimmt. Die genauen Termine entnehmen Sie der Homepage unter der Rubrik "Events".

Karin Scholz bietet ihren Kunden einen umfassenden Service. Wer teure Handtaschen kauft, der möchte auch bestens betreut werden. Wenden Sie sich mit Fragen rund um die Design-Handtaschen vertrauensvoll an die Gestalterin - sie wird sich gerne um Ihre Probleme kümmern und Sie mit großzügigem Kundendienst überzeugen.

About Karin Scholz - Design & Art made with Leather

Karin Scholz, Leather-Art-Designer at home in Dusseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, the USA and the hole World.

It is Different. It is Emotion. It is Form. It is Function. It is Suspense. It is Power. It is Black. It is Passion. It is Leather. It is Karin Scholz.

Karin Scholz is a for her excellence in highest craftsmanship awarded leather-art-designer, internationally renowned even in the USA and the UK, famous for her faboulus and unique leather-handbag- and jetpearl-jewelery-designs.

For decades now the leather-fashion-designer is present in all fashion-product-segments, where leather is not only a material of superior quality and artistic expression, but equally stands for timeless elegance as well as everyday fashion und accessories, in other words, no-one in the field of highest quality leather-handbag-fashion can do without Karin Scholz anymore.

Whether or not it is a luxurious leather-handbag - designed as a piece of pure simple fashion-chique, or an idea taken from the world of animals (dogs, cats, horses, mice) or a symbolic idea (sun, moon, stars) culminating in the ornamental designs taken from the world of flowers - or even just very valuable jewelery-pieces made out of jetpearls - once seen, her unique individual style imprints forever in the mind of the beholder: it is the unmistakable design-brand "KarinScholz leather-art", renowned for leather- handbags and jetpearl-jewelery.

A unique fashion-piece designed by Karin Scholz is always a must-have, as her leather-handbags and jetpearl-jeweleries highlight and accentuate the good taste and fashion-style of every modern selfconfident woman of today. Furthermore, a unique piece of leather-fashion or jetpearl-jewelery by Karin Scholz is an excellent buy when it comes to considering the terms of price and value.

In her little design-studio, located in the very centre of the luxurious german fashion-city of Dusseldorf, Karin Scholz has designed very famous works of leather-art-fashion.

It all started with her curiosity as an iridescent artist with the passionate verve for the genuine touch that makes leather so unresistable, and the experimental aspect of handcrafted designs, all made out of leather - the prospect, if you will, of finding out all the possibilities to create products solely made out of leather as a design-material. Out of this, very erotical leather-dresses and -gowns were designed by Karin Scholz for the theatre and other artistic stage-performances (for example the Scorpio - ideally to be worn also as a costume on such events as leather-fetish-parties, but also leather-frames for mirrors, leather-sculptures und ornamented leather-paravents, which all have one thing in common: they have been named side-by-side in one sentence with the provocative erotic artwork by swiss artist of worldwide fame Tomi Ungerer and have been shown in the same exhibition in what is meanwhile the legendary Erotic Art Museum in Hamburg, Germany.

But Karin Scholz is a much too universally interested artist, to not put all her genres-of-design in much more economical business-contexts: So she concentrates today on small, beautyful fashionable designs: leather-handbags in the fashionlines leather-business-, leather-elegant-, leather-symbol- and leather-floral-bagdesigns, all made out of the one and only highest quality japanese cowskin, but also exclusive leather-handbags made out of stingrayskin are absolute trendsetters by Karin Scholz; accessories, for example leather-keyclips, leather-wallets and money-leather-pomponbags, leather-cases for glasses und flat leather-briefcases, specially designed as Notebook-bags; decorative and functional Interiordesign-products and, very classical jetpearl-jewelery-designs made out of predominantly old jetpearls, handmade with a high focus on detailed craftsmanship - jetpearl-necklaces, jetpearl-rings, jetpearl-bracelets, and ladies hats beautifully ornamented with jetpearls.

The strategic position of the fashion-brand "Karin Scholz leather-art" in the marketplace is the quest of always being unique but at the same time being just affordable for every woman. The fashion-orientated woman of today treats herself to an original and unique leather-handbag or piece of jetpearl-jewelery by the premium-brand "Karin Scholz, made in Germany".

Her commom nomer is black. Black is the colour of Karin Scholz. Black leather und black-coloured jewelery fit ideally to all fashion-styles. The purely handmade fashion-products, styled and furnished with respect to highest quality and a great care for little details, are made-to-measure for every customer, integrating even individual wishes proposed by a client. Starting out from a basics-handbagdesign, size and depth of the handbag, the lenght of the holdingstrip or even an original customer-idea all guarantee for an absolutely individual high-quality gift, handmade out of leather respectively out of jetpearls, for every female customer. With a life-long guarantee on all parts- and the product itself, outover and above the normal signs and marks of wearing Karin-Scholz-leather-design-fashion in every day use, of course.

Aside from her main event, her open-door studio-party, taking place yearly in Dusseldorf in summer, she is present all-over Germany with her luxurious gift-ideas, handmade out of leather and jetpearls. The Gendarmenmarkt, for example, germany´s greatest christmas-market, wellknown all-over-the-world, is taking place on this wellknown Square in Berlin, and makes it possible for everyone to personally get to know the artist Karin Scholz as well as her leather-fashion-brand-design-products between November und January every year. She is always there in person to give individual and thourough advice on all frequently asked questions (FAQ) concerning leather-fashion-, leather-style-, and leather-handbags- as well as her versatile and unique original leather- und jetpearl-jewelery-designs. It is, by the way, a well-frequented place where the who-is-who meet once a year: even internationally famous stars, as for example starmusician/singer/songwriter Shakira, has already bought a luxurious-leather-handbag, created by Karin Scholz on this christmas-market. Apart from this highlight, if anybody is interested not only in luxurious christmas-gifts, but just a nice little present as a perfect fit on any occasion, which is even unmistakably and uniquely designed by Karin Scholz, she is frequently on-the-road with Show-room-Presentations in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich all through the year.

It is Leather. It is Jetpearl-jewelery. It is Feminine. It is Playful. It is Lady-like. It is Selfconfidence. It is a pure City-look. It is Timeless Elegance. It is Pure Originality. It is a Trendsetter. It is the right fashion-leatherhandbag for every occasion. It is a Leather-Luxury-gift. It is Christmas. It is Karin Scholz.

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