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General Business Conditions

Conclusion of Contract/Prices

All prices indicated on this website contain the currently valid VAT. The prices are not binding. Conclusion of the contract takes place only by our confirmation of the order of the customer.

Retention of Title

We reserve the title in the delivered product until its full payment.

Admonition concerning the Right of Cancellation

Right to Cancel

You can cancel your contract declaration within 14 days without any indication of a reason for the cancellation either in written form (e.g. letter, telefax, e-mail) or by returning the product if it had been delivered to you prior to the expiration of the term. The term of 14 days commences to run after your receipt of the admonition in a written form, not however prior to the delivery of the product at the receiver and also not prior to the fulfillment of our information obligation according to art. 246 § 2 in connection with § 1 para. 1 and 2 EGBGB as well as our obligations according to § 312e para. [section] 1, 1st sentence BGB in connection with art. 246 § 3 EGBGB. For the observance of the term for the cancellation the timely sending off of the cancellation or the product suffices. The cancellation declaration or the returning of the product are to be directed to:
Karin Scholz, Nordstr. 2B, 40477 Düsseldorf.

Consequences of the Cancellation

In case of a valid cancellation of the contract the benefits received are to be returned by both sides. In case you cannot entirely or partly return the product received or in case you can return it only in a deteriorated condition you have to pay an equivalent compensation. This is not true if the deterioration of the products results entirely on the examination of the product by you like it would have appropriate in case you had purchased the product in a store.

In case of a valid cancellation of the contract the product obtained is to be returned by you to us on our risk. You have to pay the expenses for the returning of the product if the product delivered complies with the product ordered.

End of Admonition concerning the Cancellation Right

Expenses for the Returning in Case of Cancellation of Contract

In case of cancellation of the contract according to the above admonition concerning the right to cancel the contract you have to pay the regular expenses for the returning of the product, unless the product delivered does not comply with the product ordered.

Shipping Expenses

For any order we charge shipping expenses in accordance to the volume and the weight of the ordered product respectively which does not increase the amount of EUR 10.- as long as the delivery of the product takes place within Germany.


In case the ordered product is on stock it will be delivered within a few days via UPS or DHL. In case the product is still to be manufactured the time for its delivery corresponds to the degree of the difficulty of the manufacture of the product.

Delivery Abroad

In case of shipping abroad and depending on the country respective taxes/duties on import may fall due. A declaration of origin of the product delivered will be indicated on the invoice. In case of remittance from abroad the following IBAN/BIC codes are to be used:
IBAN: DE41 3008 0000 0344 9919 00; BIC: DRESDEFF300.


As a craftsman's business with own manufacturing we warrant the quality and reliability of our products. On top of the warranty period of 2 years after delivery of the product as provided for by the law, for an additional term of 3 further years we grant a guarantee against such damages of the product which are caused by defaults of the material used. In this case our guarantee consists of a cost free reparation of the product. Talk to us in any case.

Applicable Law

The purchase contracts concluded with us are governed by German law in all cases, also in cases of orders from abroad or shipments abroad.